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Yasar Patisserie

On the path of becoming a world famous brand, the first significant improvement of MADO is made by YASHAR Patisserie. As this is the first place where the generosity of nature and mankind’s labor and patience met ice cream lovers, it plays vitally important role in the sophisticated and efficiently representing of 150 years’ experience by the worldwide brand.

The ice factory, opened in KAHRAMANMARASH, in 1965, was important for MADO as for its region. Mini store where producing was continued got expanded and its capacity of production became improved. As a result of bringing new deep freezer to the store in the same year, it was possible to keep and store ice cream round-the-clock. These improvements never decreased the quality of MADO and the tastes of its meals. Consequently, YASHAR Patisserie-the reason of the fame of KAHRAMANMARASH ice cream, opened in Trabzon Street, in 1980.

After the first meeting with technology, MADO keeps on as a worldwide brand without any changes in its smell, taste, consistency and quality…

With the serving tough and sticky ice cream prepared from regional products upon to national custom, YASHAR patisserie undertakes the role of representing KAHRAMANMARASH cuisine and regional handicrafts. Moreover, as its walls are covered with customers’ photographs and a pieces of family heirloom old furniture is exhibited, YASHAR patisserie has major value as museums.

Real İce cream

"Real Ice" adventure of the land added molasses, honey and fruit starting with the self-made Karşambaç'l, ice cream is a 300-year journey. In this adventure, ice cream combined with the name of a city. Kahramanmaras ice cream not only gave the name to ... With consistency and private rahiya, unique K.Maras ice cream flavor that gives secret. Ahir Mountain springs near the cloud's kevin flourishing, thyme and wild orchids milk of goats fed with flowers and subtlety of these orchids collected orchid tubers!There are more valuable things in this secret. It's also an instant taste of the craftsmen who know how to give pleasure to the palate, given patience to achieve perfect consistency!

From yesterday to today

Black mixed with molasses and fruit extracts made from the mountains brought the Karsambaç passed nearly 300 years until it reaches the ice cream produced in modern facilities. iron in the hands of children waiting for the passage of ice cream in front of the door money still retains the warmth. Hot in the summer because it is running behind the ice cream truck, kids, taking the aspirations of those days, holding their children's hands to get traditional ice cream is resolved.

Beat the summer heat and a glass of tap water on smoking in the snow falling at home looking at the ice cream on the street has been reached spoonable days. Children do not play in the streets as before ... But we are still experiencing a moment of rest in the hands of a secret ice cream once with contractually.

Mado, he returned to his childhood with ice cream spoon in a confidential contract entered into cooperation with everyone. nor compromising sahlep from what milk. What if he grew up so he remained faithful to history. 150 years, road area MADOU in flavor adventure, by taking numerous steps leading to today, it's hard to bridge jumping through obstacles.

Kahramanmaras ice cream, until the end of the '70s, technical knowledge and lacks modern equipment, using traditional methods in small-scale business was done manually by processing the material. the cornerstone technology for the transition to Mado ice plant is opened in Kahramanmaras in 1965. Factory is a revolution in those years for both the city Madona. In this way, can be done in winter and summer ice cream, ice cream lovers will not have to wait for the summer to taste the unique flavor.

Between the garage next to the city produces a small shop selling ice cream and 2nd generation father Yasar Kanbur, it enlarges shop. The same year, the first shop 'deep freeze' is introduced. So ice cream are kept day and night in the cold and this increases sales. First lever-operated machines occurs, then used motor machine. 1970 ice cream shop automatic machine revenue. In 1980, Yasar Patisserie opened in Trabzon Street.

Domestic and international technological developments in the sector closely monitored and Mado arms for recognition in the world of brand plastered. Welcome to order machines from Italy. not slept night long for the production of these machines. Because of Mado ice cream in hand forged, it is important different taste and consistency that arise when traditional technique. After trials and patiently waiting to buy the machines made repeatedly.

Technology is passed for the first time in 1983 and started the production of ice cream. 1984 MARDON ice cream are available in the market. A space of 300 square meters, 200 kilos of ice cream produced with 10-12 people a day. Production is carried out at night, go to day sales. The first target K.Maraş the surrounding towns and villages in the head. Once you have the car go toward the cooler away from the city. First, containers, then sold ice cream in cornet. Kanban brothers in 10 years, is speeding along the ice-cream.

Truly transition to ice cream production with the possibilities of the technology in 1989 ... transferred to the privatization tender Kanban family buildings with milk factory in the same year. But the renewal of the plant and must be equipped with the latest technological machines for big numbers. The only thing rather than the figure at the head of the family is to perform the traditional ice cream production Kanban inherited from his grandfather at the factory. Of Engineering who pioneered Atila Kanbur'un education, make Madone TUBITAK funded research. The aim of the research, giving it a unique flavor to tattoo K.Maraş ice cream and formulas to determine the consistency of the mixture involved. After this research Kahramanmaras ice cream in the factory, according to scientific principles, it can be produced by conventional methods forging techniques. Produced in ...

Mado ice cream industry with the emergence of K.Maraş brand a huge boost. After this painful process today, Yasar cream and Foodstuffs Joint Stock Company's factory established over 33 thousand acres, 120 tons per day with the capacity for ice cream. Ice cream without losing the taste from the moment it is produced in huge factory warehouses, is being kept from melting and degradation.Famous Yasar from Patisserie, which has become one of K.Maraş icon, Ice Cream Yasar host multiple brand structure and Foodstuffs Inc.'s ice cream industry competition and the younger consumer profiles to meet the needs associated differentiation to offer new and different products Based on the fact that freedom in order to recognize their personal needs and expectations of the latest ice cream a unique style to Turkey; Marpop gave the brand.

MADO mission

MADO horizon; butovləsdirdiyi Maras ice cream all over the world in the name of spreading international recognition as a city popular with Marası ice cream.

MADO mission; to respond to the needs and desires of all kinds of customers and quality standards are chosen in principle to achieve using modern equipment. .

MADO target; maintaining the highest quality of products and services to insiders, employees and suppliers to ensure their effectiveness and to work towards the ideals of choice march toward the horizon.

MADO goal to pass forward the tradition of 150 years history of ice cream. In doing so, the excitement and enthusiasm for the work of the first onset of a desire not to lose a major source of energy for MADOnun. In addition to all of the network to bring the taste of each new MADO cage net is becoming the next success. Tradition - a modern concept - three at the same time to reflect the dynamics ... It has always been committed to the principles of choice MADO

MADO has been operating in Azerbaijan since 2010.MADOcurrently serving with 5 offices in Baku, Mardanov brothers Street is located in the center of the first division.

MADO Tarqovı- Mərdanov qardaşları küç.3

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