Traditional Village Breakfast
Traditional Village Breakfast close

White cheese,hellim cheese, braided cheese, goat cheese, walnut cheese, honey, cream, jam, butter, black olives, green olives, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sausage-egg or menemen, bread types, bagels and tea (8 glasses of tea are free) (420/160 gr) - 20 AZN.

English Breakfast
English Breakfastclose

Egg, California bread, ham, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese, (1 cup tea is free) 5.00 azn (120/60 gr) - 5 AZN.

Fast Breakfast
Fast Breakfastclose

Boiled eggs, white cheese, black and green olives, tomato, cucumber, jam, (1 cup of tea is free of charge) (225 gr) - 4 AZN.

Hot Breakfast
Hot Breakfast close

Tomato - egg, cigara borek, hellim cheese, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, sausage,bitter pepper and slice of potatoes. (4 cups tea is free) (405 gr) - 8 AZN.

Honey Breakfast
Honey Breakfastclose

Honey, cream, hot milk, bread (120/230 gr) - 5.50 AZN

Mado Classic Breakfast
Mado Classic Breakfastclose

White cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese,su borek, butter, honey, jam,black olives, green olives, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumber,bread types, bagels, tea (4 cups tea is free) (370 gr) - 9 AZN.

Traditional Breakfast
Traditional Breakfastclose

Nehre butter, shor, suzma, cheese, cream, honey, eggs, olives, apricots, walnuts, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers,green and black basil, tomato-eggs, bread types, tea (4 cups tea is free) (630/110 gr) - 14 AZN

Omlet with white cheese
Omlet with white cheeseclose

Egg, white cheese, butter (160gr) - 4 AZN

Mixed оmlet
Mixed оmletclose

Еgg, tomato, spinach, pepper, butter (190 gr) - 4 AZN



Omlet with mushrooms
Omlet with mushroomsclose

Egg, mushroom, butter (140 gr) - 4 AZN



Omlet with kashar cheese
Omlet with kashar cheeseclose

Еgg, kashar cheese, butter (130 gr) - 4 AZN.

Omlet with sausage
Omlet with sausageclose

Еgg, sausage, butter (160 gr) - 5.50 AZN.

French fries
French fries close

French fries (120 gr) - 2 AZN


Salad (70gr) - 1.50 AZN


Тwo eggs, tomato, green pepper, butter (onion to taste) (290 gr) - 5 AZN

Menemen with kashar cheese
Menemen with kashar cheese close

Тwo eggs, tomato, green pepper, kashar cheese, chilli pepper, butter (315 gr) - 6 AZN

Menemen with sausage
Menemen with sausage close

Тwo eggs, tomato, sausage, butter (325 gr) - 6.50 AZN