About us

Company history

The first significant step of MADO to becoming a world brand begins with the confectionery "Yashar". The confectionery "Yashar" plays an important role in the comprehensive and highly effective presentation of brand having 150 years of experience all over the world. This place turns into the first place where the nature enables ice cream lovers enjoy the result of human labor and patience.

The ice factory, opened in Kahramanmarash in 1965, becomes important for both the region and MADO. The small shop expands, the production capacity grows. In the same year, due to delivery of "deep freeze" refrigerators in the store, ice cream began to be stored 24 hours a day. These improvement processes have not at all worsened the taste and quality of MADO. The confectionery, which later became a lullaby in the popularization of MADO ice cream, was opened in 1980 on Trabzon street.

After this first encounter with technology, MADO has become a world-class brand that preserved taste, quality and composition.

The aforementioned confectionery house offers whipped ice cream prepared by the means peculiar to the region. In addition, Kahramanmarash is also deals with a culinary exhibition presenting handcraft of cuisine and regional culture. This confectionery house is also valuable as a Museum wherein the walls are hung with photographs of visitors and old objects are exhibited as family memories. This confectionery house, which is an indispensable place for local and foreign tourists wishing to explore the region due to this specificity, keeps the mysterious adventure that popularized MADO ice cream. "Whipping mastership", which brought fame to MADO ice cream all over the world, is presented to visitors of the Confectionery House "Yashar" as a kind of show. Hints about the solid and dense composition of an ice cream are reproduced in the form of folk motifs.

Our mission

The mission of MADO is to meet all the needs and wishes of its customers and, in principle, to achieve the selected quality standards with the use of modern technology.

Our goal

MADO Restaurant Chain is an organization that aims to distribute ice cream around the world and popularize on global scale.

View of future

MADO's goal is to pass the 150-year tradition of making ice cream to future generations. The main energy source of MADO is the desire not to lose the enthusiasm and vocation conceived at the beginning of the work. Every new restaurant opened in our network becomes our next success in bringing true taste to every customer. Tradition, the modern concept, dynamics ... MADO always adheres to the chosen principles in order to combine all these three features at the same time.

  • History of MADO
    History of MADO
  • History of MADO
    History of MADO
  • History of MADO
    History of MADO
  • History of MADO
    History of MADO
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